Body Wisdom of the Feet & Legs

Treat leg, knee, ankle or foot pain and also feel safe, stable, and supported in your life.

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Course Description

Has low back pain murdered your mojo? Do your feet, knees, legs, or low back give you grief? The number one health complaint (besides stress) is low back pain.

How you stand, sit, and walk on your legs and feet all day may be what makes them ache. Improper posture of your feet, knees and legs can put undue pressure on your low back and re-injure or cause more pain to already tender areas.

Learn how to use your feet, knees, and legs the way they were designed to be used, as your base and support.

  • Learn simple techniques for healthy posture
  • general anatomy & physiology of your legs and feet
  • proper body mechanics for standing, walking, and lifting,
  • ways to apply what you have learned to your every day life
  • to stretch and strengthen your lower body
  • improve overall function.


  • If you have feet, knees, and legs and you have been using them your whole life, you are ready and capable to complete this course.
  • Because you learn better what you write down, a pen or pencil is handy for this class.
  • Be sure to print out the handouts for each segment.
  • Because your brain processes better when you see progress, be ready to take the pre-post surveys for each segment to track what you have learned and how you have improved.

Target Audience

  • Do you have pains in your feet, knees, legs, or low back?
  • Do you suffer from chronic issues such as restless leg syndrome, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, sciatica, or other ailments of the lower body?
  • Do you struggle with balance, stability, support, and foundation in your legs and feet?
  • Have you tried physical therapy, massage, chiropractics, and other methods of healing, but your lower body pain persists?
  • Do you think maybe your walking gait and standing posture may be to blame for you lower body aches, pains, owies, and boo-boos?
  • Do you wish you could stand taller, walk stronger, and move better in your legs and feet?

Course Objectives

  • Identify personal posture habits in your feet, knees, thighs, and bum that have contributed to pain.
  • Adjust personal standing and walking habits to use your feet, knees, thighs, and bum better.
  • Stand on your own two feet with less or no pain.
  • Adjust your foot posture to relieve low back tension and tightness.
  • Change knee alignment to reduce or eliminate low back and hip pain.
  • Engage thigh strength to improve stability and stance.
  • Improve balance and stability instantly through posture and stance.
  • Perform simple hips stretches to improve function and flexibility.
  • Understand how posture of the feet impacts the integrity of your hip joints.
  • Practice simple foot exercises to reduce and eliminate chronic issues.
  • Train your brain to tell your body to stand, walk, and climb without pain.
  • Reverse years of bad posture habits in the legs and feet by doing simple 10 second exercises many times a day.

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