Body Wisdom of the Chest, Shoulders, Arms & Hands

Treat shoulder tension, arm pain, and heart & lungs issues and also feel open, and connected in your life.

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Course Description

Do you hold tension and stress in your shoulders? Do your shoulders slouch and hang out up by your ears at the same time? Are you carrying the burdens and responsibilities of others on your back? Although you want to contribute, does helping often leave you feeling exhausted? Do you have pain in your elbows, wrists, or hands so bad that you can no longer get a grip?

There’s a simple solution. Training your brain to relax your shoulders throughout your every day activities can greatly reduce unnecessary stress. Learning to use your elbows, hands, and wrists with a softer grip can make everything better. Healthy Posture and HEART OPENING is scientifically proven to make you feel open and free from the inside out.

Learn how to use your chest and shoulders the way they were designed to be used, to give and receive equally in your world.

  • Learn simple techniques for healthy posture
  • general anatomy & physiology of your chest & shoulders
  • proper body mechanics for sitting, standing, walking, lifting and climbing
  • ways to apply what you have learned to your every day life
  • to relax and release through your arms and hands
  • improve overall function.


  • If you have arms and shoulders and you have been using it your whole life, you are ready and capable to complete this course.
  • Because you learn better what you write down, a pen or pencil is handy for this class.
  • Be sure to print out the handouts for each segment.
  • Because your brain processes better when you see progress, be ready to take the pre-post surveys for each segment to track what you have learned and how you have improved.

Target Audience

  • Do you have tension and stress in your shoulders?
  • Do you suffer from chronic issues in y our elbows, hands or wrists such as muscle weakness, inability to grip, excessive pain, or constant ache?
  • Do you feel overburdened by responsibilities and worries?
  • Do you think maybe your posture may be to blame for your body aches, pains, owies, and boo-boos?
  • Do you wish you could feel more open, less pressure, and less tension?

Course Objectives

  • Identify personal posture habits in your chest & shoulders, arms & hands that have contributed to pain.
  • Adjust personal posture habits to use your chest & shoulders and arms & hands better.
  • Engage your heart posture without to be more open.
  • Adjust your shoulder posture to relieve mid and upper back tension and tightness.
  • Change shoulder alignment to reduce or eliminate pain.
  • Improve openness and mobility instantly through posture and mechanics.
  • Understand how your grip impacts the integrity of your whole body.
  • Practice simple relaxation exercises throughout your every day activities to reduce and eliminate chronic issues.
  • Train your brain to tell your body to stand, walk, and climb without pain.
Reverse years of bad posture habits in the shoudlers by doing simple 10 second exercises many times a

Course Curriculum

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