Anger Means Action

How to Manage Contagious Anger & Rage

As Empaths, we often absorb the moods and emotions of others. And, on top of that, those moods and emotions trigger our own negative responses. This 5-Minute Mini-Lesson explains what happens when we aren't mindful of our own moods and emotions when we encounter anger & rage from someone else. Then, you will learn four simple steps of practical and actionable things you can do in the moment you are faced with someone in anger and rage so that you don't absorb their anger and your own anger isn't triggered.

Side Effects include

  • a sense of calm and peace while in the midst of chaos
  • healthy boundaries with people dealing with intense emotions
  • an ability to stand solid while confronting destructive personalities and situations
  • an ability to diffuse intense circumstances
  • increased sense of self-empowerment
  • improved ability to channel anger into positive action

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