Yoga Wonderland - 5-Minute Sequences

Mini-sequences inspired by the characters in Alice's adventures. Cheat sheets and affirmations included.

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Your Not-White-Rabbit


I fell down the yoga rabbit hole in 1999 and put on my white rabbit mask and started teaching in 2004. I have taught over 200,000 students in over 20 states and mentored over 200 yoga teachers through certification.

I have been practicing alone 5-6x a week for nearly 20 years. No teacher or yoga guru has been able to show me what I have discovered there. My core belief is that the true teaching of yoga happens alone on your mat where you can gain access to the infinite resource of your imagination and intuition.

With a passion (and college degree) for great literature that portrays deep spirituality in simple tales, I bring to you this unique program as a playful and child-like approach to turn in on yourself (like a telescope) and adventure through the wonderland you cannot find in any yoga class, podcast, or streamed practice.