Drink Me! (1:21 audio)

Drink Me!

In the end of the first chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice makes a decision to eat the cake and see what happens. If you have gotten this far into this program, perhaps you, like Alice, have decided to eat the cake, commit to the process of a solo home yoga practice and see what happens next. 

The best way to approach this program is with that same sense of wonder and adventure as Alice. Feel free to add a dash of joy and a pinch of laughter. In yoga, much of the magic that occurs lies in the unexpected. I invite you to allow your yoga practice to help you, like Alice, to expect “nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen.”

This program is an invitation to step onto the looking glass of your yoga mat, shut yourself up like a telescope and turn in on yourself to find the most glorious wonderland you can NOT even imagine

Each person’s Wonderland will be unique. Your own experience will be based on—and will sometimes challenge—your own perspectives and personal values. I invite you to journey through this program with your own taste buds as your tour guide. Drink the potion and eat the cakes. Swallow the ones that taste good, and spit out the ones that don’t. See what happens, and join me in this grand and mysterious garden.

What excites you about this program? Why are you willing to drink the potion and eat the cakes?

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