5-Minute Practices (2:08 audio)

5-Minute Practices

Sequences with Positive Affirmations

Practicing alone, without a white rabbit teacher is one of the most terrifying steps one can take. It means that you have to shrink yourself up like a telescope and step into a very unknown world. To expect yourself to start by stepping onto your mat for a “full practice” of 60-90 minutes several times a week is just, well, daunting. It can feel like you are looking the Red Queen in the eye as she condemns you to be-heading. 

I suggest you commit to a 5-minute practice, no more. If you do 5-minutes of home practice, you’ll want more. 

The 5-MINUTE PRACTICES section of each module in this program is designed to baby-step you into a simple and sustainable home yoga practice. For each module, I offer a simple series of poses (with stick figure drawings) in an easy-to-print cheat sheet. In the online course, I offer a 5-minute audio podcast where I call the pose, followed by the affirmations listed in the TEACUP TIDBITS for that pose. If all you ever do is follow these 5-minute practices once a day, every day, you will experience phenomenal results.

There’s a science to these 5-minute podcast practices. We all know the power of positive affirmation on brain chemistry. When you link specifically phrased positive affirmations with body actions (yoga poses) that hold them same message, you are sending those neuron firing energies through your whole body. When that happens, your hormone chemistry, endorphins, and neuro-transmitters make your body perform to match those affirmations. You embody the affirmation. 

What you’ll find is that 5-minutes is all you need. Because you are actively linking your body posture with your mindful intention with spirit breath, less is so much more. At the same time, you’ll also find that you crave more. And that’s when your home practice becomes something you don’t want to miss every day.

Just 5-minutes. 5 days a week.

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