Wonderland Adventures (2:05 audio)

Wonderland Adventures

A Peek into TeriLeigh’s Wonderland

As a yogi, I always found the stories of Hindu mythology both intriguing and far too complicated and confusing to relate to my own life. Their epic mythologies are, well, just that, epic. I prefer something shorter, simpler, more playful and whimsical. 

I find the simplicity of Aesop’s fables and their profound morals and the fairy-tale wisdom of the brothers Grimm as exceptional examples of teaching the greater lessons of life through relatable characters, curious adventure, and challenging conflict. But my inner child finds no comparison to the multi-dimensional sacred text that is Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

To me, the imaginary world of a hookah smoking caterpillar and a mad-hatter’s tea table to be far more intriguing than the endless wars and battles over morality of Hindu mythology or the glaringly obvious dichotomies of good and evil depicted in fairy tales. My inner-child knows how to wander through imaginary nonsensical lands and make up my own rules, versus the carnage and killing of dragon slaying and epic battles.

I re-read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 2012 (and every year since) and found myself writing copious notes in the margins detailing my thoughts about symbolism of the creatures and characters in the novel and their parallels to concepts I had contemplated on my yoga mat. My yogi’s log entries during those weeks marked a turning point in my home yoga practice, the time when my practice shifted from a mundane daily to-do task to something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND CRAVE EVERY DAY! 

The Wonderland Adventure of each module of this program is my story, combining the notes in the margin of my worn copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with the insights from my yogi’s log journals. I’ll introduce you to how Alice’s characters became my best yoga friends who taught me some of the greatest lessons of life. 

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