1 - Child's Pose (audio 2:16)

Child’s Pose



Everything is OKAY.

I am safe.

I am supported and grounded.

I am perfect, exactly as I am.

I accept myself.

I love myself.


  • Child’s Pose, like Mother Earth, provides support, stability, foundation, structure, and nurturing. 
  • Child’s Pose is a bow, bringing your whole body to the ground to Mother Earth, mimicking the action of a child laying on her mother’s breast. The sacred relationship between mother and child is one in which the Divine Mother loves the child unconditionally. Child’s Pose invokes the feeling of unconditional love. 
  • Child’s Pose is a safety net. A home base. A re-set. An unplug and re-boot. A safe place to just breathe and be.
  • When you feel like you need more love, or if the ground you are walking on feels shaky, Child’s Pose brings the healing provided by the Divine Mother, Earth.
  • In performing Child’s Pose, you evoke the energy of Earth, creating nurturing, support, safety, stability, and foundation in your body. 
  • By lowering your head below your heart, you drop your thoughts to the ground and flood your brain with heart energy, creating an automatic head to heart connection.
  • Child’s Pose is a curling in on yourself, a face-down fetal position, that allows you to focus inward to yourself.
  • Because Child’s Pose is so cocoon-like, it allows you to detach from the distractions of the outside world.
  • In Sanskrit, Child’s Pose is Balasana. Bala translates as “power” or “strength.” As this pose is a curling into yourself, it is a reminder that true power and strength come from within. 
  • Child’s Pose as a surrender automatically puts you into beginner’s mind, remind yourself that the innocence and resiliency of children exemplify their strength and power.
  • Child’s Pose activates the joys and simplicity of childhood, encouraging you to approach every experience with the exuberance and curiosity of a child.

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