Normal Man Demonstrates Exercising without Exercising (2:20 video)

Normal Man

This is Normal Man. He is our comic relief mascot, as well as our perfect example that ANYONE can play in Yoga Wonderland. Normal Man will appear in each module offering examples and demonstrations of his approach to the practice. My hope is that his wacky examples can help you break any traditional rules you have followed from White Rabbits and make up your own examples. I also wish that he will help you access your IMAGINATION, as I consider him a master at make-believe. Finally, at the very least, I hope he makes you laugh.

In this video, Normal Man shows you how he uses "hand-moves" to exercise without exercising. Curiously, his hand-moves are really not much different than a yoga practice of mudras. (but don't tell him that). Scientifically, Normal Man's hand-moves have a very similar effect on the body chemistry as yoga would. He is breathing, he is intentional in his actions, and he is moving his body in ways that stimulate hormones, neuro-transmitters, endorphins, and so much more.

Are you ready to giggle?

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