Off the Mat Trick: Focused Breathing (audio 1:49)

This assignment is SO POWERFUL that I have included the how-to video again here.

All my clients report this to be life-changing!


Breathing is something we do all day, every day, unconsciously. And more often than not, we stop breathing, hold our breath, and end up catching our breath without ever realizing we had stopped in the first place. It is virtually the only automatic functions of the body that is vital to survival, yet we can control it. So, in essence, control of the breath, and moreso, AWARENESS of the breath is key to higher awareness of life and optimal health and wellness.

I challenge you to make CONSCIOUS BREATHING a part of your every day. When I assign my clients to practice focused breathing several times a day, they all report that breathing is the single most effective and life-changing exercise they have ever done.

Your homework is to BREATHE, 5-10 focused breaths (whatever that means to you) many times a day. If you breathe mindfully when you don’t need it, you’ll find yourself breathing fully when you DO need it without having to remind yourself to do so. You’ll also find that you don’Below are a few hints as to how to make focused conscious breathing a part of your every day life.

  • 10 breaths before you get out of bed (even after naps)
  • 5 breaths every time (the whole time) you wash your hands
  • 1 breath every time you open an app on your phone
  • 10 breaths before you go to bed
  • breathe deeply while waiting at stop-signs and stop-lights
  • put a “BREATHE” post-it note on common things you touch or use
  • toilet flusher
  • your kitchen faucet
  • your bathroom mirror
  • your car steering wheel

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When in your every day life is it easiest for you to do a breathing practice? How is your life/world different when you do a breathing practice several times a day?

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