White Rabbit Whisper: Move and Breathe (audio 1:33)

If anything, I hope you have learned the importance of breath, and it’s ability to help you do ANYTHING better. Breath is the baseline for EVERYTHING you do in life. 

While focused breathing is what works for me personally, I've discovered in working with many clients over the years that developing your own form of deep breathing, however that works for you, is fine. Again, shuck the white rabbit and their how-tos, and do what feels best for you. Just Breathe deeply, however that works, and see what happens for you.

There are so many different variations of deep breathing. Some people like to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Others like to breathe in, hold, and breathe out slower than you breathe in. Yet others like to work on deep belly breathing, which is quite different than my focused breathing technique of focusing on big rib expansion.

It doesn’t matter how you breathe, what does matter is that you DO breathe. Especially while moving, and exerting, it is so easy to forget to breathe, hold your breath, or ignore the breath and it gets shallow. 

For your five-minutes of practice, I suggest right now you start with a few deep breaths, and pay attention to how your body moves while you breathe. Then, let your body move in bigger movements and see how your breath informs the movement. Breathe, however you want to breat, and then move, however you want to move. Just connect your breath to your movement.

Normal Man shows you how he breathes. While this is a bit of comedy and humor, it is also actually quite useful. I love how he makes up his own breathing, and he practices it. It doesn't matter HOW you do a deep breath, as long as it feels good and works for YOU. Normal Man's breath is nothing like mine, but it works for him.

What is your favored form of deep breathing? How did your breath inform your breathing? How were you inspired to move while you breathed?

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