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The time between Halloween (the day of the dead) and Christmas (the winter solstice), is the time that the days are shorter, the sun stays hidden longer, and the shadows of the world are even darker. It is the time of darkness.

This course is designed to help us remember that there is purpose for the darkness, that on the other side of day, there is always night, that no matter how dark the night feels, there always comes a dawn, and after the worst of the worst storms, we do eventually get a day of clear skies and sunshine warmth.

This course is designed as a step by step process to help guide you through the mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing that needs to happen during the hibernation time of the darkness, and prepare you for opening to the light in a healthy and gradual way.

Balance of the Universe

One of the great laws of science/physics is that everything always seeks balance. Always. We know this from the simple rhymes and phrases we used to learn science as kids:

What goes up must come down.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Every light casts a shadow

When hot and cold blend, they make warm.

When we learn to apply this concept of balance to the duality of our every day lives, and we work in our own lives to maintain a balanced equanimity, everything in our lives works better. 

This book and course and all the exercises prescribed within it are meant to teach your nervous system how to find and maintain that balance and equanimity. 

The exercises in this series are based on neuroscience as a means of training your nervous system to establish healthy habits. The breathing exercises will trigger your brain to spill hormones into your system in ways that promote healing and shifts and change. The body-mind-spirit exercises of The MOZI Method are designed to create new habits in your system and gradually let old habits that no longer serve you melt away. The ritual prescriptions, if you chose to engage in them, are more dramatic healing processes that make bigger shifts in your system. Like any healing process, the more you commit to it, the more you put into it, the more you practice, the better you will do and the greater results you will experience.

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