MOZI Method (Mind-Body-Spirit) Exercise (4:22)

The MOZI Method for Feeling Safe

  1. Place your feet hip width distance apart, with your heels slightly out so that when you look down, your feet are parallel to each other like two number ones.
  2. Push down through all parts of your foot: your heel, your big toe mound, and the pinky toe side of your foot.
  3. Engage your inner thighs. (It helps to squeeze a yoga block, or even a tissue box between them). Notice that when you stand like this the sensations are different than when you just stand normally.
  4. Take a few Focused Breaths. 
  5. Say to yourself “I am safe. Everything always works itself out in perfect timing.”
  6. Sit down. Root down through your tailbone. Feel the support of the chair underneath you. Notice that you are now supported by your own two feet and the legs of the seat. 
  7. Take a few Focused Breaths.
  8. Say to yourself “I am safe. I am okay. I am healing.”
  9. Take 5-10 more focused breaths like this. Pay attention to how safe and secure and stable you feel in your body, especially your legs and feet.
  10. Practice this exercise 5-10 times a day for 3-5 breaths each time.

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