4 - Trainer's Tips - All Good Warriors Must Fight Gary

Sometimes in life, you just gotta get stuff DONE. There is that stuff you wanna do, and that stuff you don’t wanna do. Sometimes (often) the work to get stuff done requires that you put in a little muscle, effort, elbow grease, and endurance. You gotta buck yourself up and DO the work. Whether it be moving the wood pile off the truck to the stack under the tarp or hauling the ancient and overly heavy sofa-bed up from your parents’ basement, you need to DO IT and feel like you have the strength and endurance to get the job done.

Warrior and lunge poses simulate a lot of the actions you have to do in getting work done. Lunges help you get into a position to be able to lift something heavy up off the ground, and warriors give you the leg strength and leverage to push something heavy across the floor. 

For those of us, like Normal Man, who don’t lift weights or work out regularly, we need to be able to find the strength inside us to do the hard stuff when it comes up in our lives. What Normal Man knows is that half of the power lives in the mindset of just thinking you can, like the little engine that could. The rest of the power lives in knowing how to use your whole body and not just relying on certain obvious muscles. Normal Man knows that when you have a big task to do, you gotta put everything you got into it, and have fun doing it.

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