Meet Normal Man/Awkward Man - The Ninja Warrior

This is Neil.

He's just a Normal Man,

who does normal things with his body,

in his living room.

However, Neil also believes he is in Ninja Warrior Training to be a Modern Stealth Fighter. He recognizes that there are all kinds of enemies and evil forces out in the world that he must combat on a daily basis.

Going through Ninja Warrior Training can often result in a sort of Identity Crisis. Neil doesn't always know who he is from day to day. Sometimes he feels like just a normal man, and other days he feels rather awkward in his body. While you are facing NORMAL every day things, your imagination can make those every day forces seem bigger than they actually are. And sometimes in facing those formidable opponents, you can feel rather AWKWARD. Throughout this program, sometimes Neil refers to himself as Normal Man, and sometimes he refers to himself as Awkward Man. Rest assured, he is the same man, a Ninja Warrior in Training to be a Modern Stealth Fighter.

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