Teacup Tidbits - Asana Resource Guide (1:45 audio)

Teacup Tidbits

Yoga Pose Resource Guide

When I flip through my worn and marked-up copy of Alice I am more drawn to read the margin notes than I am the actual text of the book. The notes that stand-out the most are the tiny tidbits, the little insights captured in just a couple words or phrases. I imagine reading them is an act of divination, like reading the scattered tea leaves at the bottom of a teacup. Sometimes they are profoundly insightful, and other times they are confusing and absurd nonsense, much like the conversation at the mad-hatter’s table. 

Yoga teachers are constantly sprinkling little tidbits of wisdom into their classes in the form of stories, insights, inspirational quotes and more. Shortly after my first yoga teacher training, I started keeping a large reference binder (which has since expanded into several binders), organized by poses and sequences, where I have collected over two decades worth of collected tidbits. 

The TEACUP TIDBITS section of each module in this program is an extraction of my favorite spiritual wisdom tidbits from each pose. Some of them are notes on the symbolic meaning of specific alignment. Some of them are insights gleaned from research into history, culture, literature, science, and more. Others are just the simple yet profound AHAs I discovered in my own practice and scribbled into my journals. 

These teacup tidbits are meant to be a reference manual for you to spark deeper curiosities and wonderments of your own. Whether you are a teacher looking for new material to share with your students, or a practitioner looking for a different perspective on each pose, I hope your find at least a few of the tidbits in each pose a little bit tasty.

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